Maranatha SDA Christian School

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Responsibilities of Parents to School and Students


Students will bring their own lunches daily and eat only from their own lunch. Lunches should be nutritionally balanced. Sweets and foods containing sugar should be used sparingly. Sodas and drinks containing caffeine are not permitted. 

As Seventh-day Adventists,  we believe that the Bible, in its entirety, is God's truth. Prior to the flood, recorded in Genesis 6, God gave humans a plant based diet for food such as grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. After the flood, He allowed Noah & his family to eat clean animals as recorded in Leviticus 11. Here we find clear guidelines as to what is clean & unclean. Beef, chicken, turkey, deer, and some fish, are a few examples of today's clean meats. Pork, lobster, shrimp, rabbits, bear, and catfish are some examples of unclean foods that are not intended for human consumption. Parents are asked to respect the Biblical standards of, and upheld by,  the school and refrain from sending lunches with unclean foods. As many Adventist families choose to eat meatless diets, as intended at Creation, any special foods or treats should be prepared without meat so that it may be enjoyed by all the students. 

If a parent would like to provide a treat for the class, it should be healthful and adequate for the entire class. For special occasions, please make prior arrangements with the teacher. Due to the increase in food allergies, please check with the teacher to make sure all students will be able to participate in the enjoyment of the treat, or plan alternate treats to meet all student’s health needs. 

Food is to be eaten at the designated times only. 


In rare instances, students are in need of medications during school hours. Parents will send written permission for the child to take medications at school. Due to insurance specifications, the teacher cannot administer all medications to students, and cannot advise when to use them for headaches and other common ailments. . Please contact teacher about medications prior to sending them to school with the student. (Due to changing state laws, please see the teacher for the most current guidelines that must be followed.)


The school’s phone is a business telephone and will be used by the teacher only for school business. The telephone is not to be used by students except for emergencies and then only after securing permission. Parents should not make use of the school phone for personal calls without prior permission of the teacher. Out of respect for the educational program and to minimize disruption, parents should not call students or the teacher during school hours except in emergency situations. 

Visiting School 

In order to become better acquainted with the teacher and school, the board encourages parents and church district members to visit the school at designated times such as: National Education Week, Christian Education Week, and other special occasions. If you would like to visit at other times, please make prior arrangements with the teacher in order to minimize disruption. 

The school is not equipped to care for visiting younger siblings or friends. Please do not allow them to come except when accompanied by their parent and with the teacher’s permission. 


It is a key goal of this school to keep open lines of communication between the parents/guardians, teachers, and students. We encourage parents to communicate with the teacher whenever issues arise that have affected or may affect the student. 

The success of the school depends, in a large measure, upon the fullest cooperation between parents and teachers. It sometimes happens that students make complaints to their parents concerning school matters, especially when matters of discipline are involved. In such cases, judgment should be withheld until the matter is discussed with the teacher and/or school board alone. When a student knows that the parent is taking issue with the teacher, the student loses respect and confidence for his or her teacher, and there is very little that can be done thereafter for the child. 

All questions, concerns, or complaints about the teacher or school should be dealt with by the teacher and the school board. No one has the right to come to the school for the purpose of verbally attacking or haranguing the teacher, either before the students or otherwise. However, the board stands ready to hear legitimate concerns or complaints, provided that prior calm personal discussion fails to clear up the matter in question. 

Should questions or problems arise which involve the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School, please discuss the situation first with the involved party. If amiable agreement cannot be reached, contact the teacher. If the situation remains unresolved, contact the school board chairman. Remember to use the Bible principle found in Matthew 18. 

“If criticism or suggestion in regard to the teacher’s work becomes necessary, it should be made to him in private. If this proves ineffective, let the matter be referred to those who are responsible for the management of the school.” Education, Ellen G. White, p. 284. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences 

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice during the school year. If a parent would like to meet with the teacher at any other time of the year please call for an appointment. 

Notification in Case of Accidents 

The teacher will have access to parental employment, and other daytime telephone numbers, to provide for immediate notification in case of accident.